Wusb54g Driver Windows 10

64-bit Windows 7 Driver issues for Linksys WUSB54G. I'm not sure if someone else has posted this or not but here is where to download it and instructions to follow. 1.Click this to download 2. Unzip them, I just put them in a new file on my desktop. You should have two folders, one that starts with 'driver updater setup' and another that starts with 'wusb'.

In my case I thought I needed the 'driver' program first, so installed that first. But then realized it is a completely separate program so whether or not you want it is up to you, but it is handy so I recommend giving it a shot. Click the app that starts with 'wusb'. IF it prompts you to unzip it, then do so. Block Driver Update Windows 10. Canon Mg3570 Driver For Windows 10 here. Either way, run the program.

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