Yes that's one way to fake monitors in Windows and Virtual Desktop will see those. It doesn't seem to work in Windows 10 unfortunately but. Graphics card driver? Is there a way to fake a dual (second) monitor. As a window in the first monitor would be a feature of the video card's drivers. Fake monitor on Windows 7?

Windows 10 Fake Monitor Driver

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I updated to Windows 10 on Jul 30 and discovered that Microsoft broke this method of adding a fake second monitor: Is there a way to fake a dual (second) monitor which I rely on for scaling some small programs to full screen with OBS. The 'Detect' button in Control Panel seems to do nothing, and the 'Detect' button in Settings simply says a display was not connected. Is there any way to force Windows 10 to think there's a display connected on VGA without extra hardware or paid software? I'm using a laptop with an NVIDIA 860M with HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort out. What I've tried: The 'My display is not shown.' I have found a slightly complicated solution for this, which requires some physical modification. This requires that you have a free DVI port on your PC.

Using one of these home made 'dummy plugs', which you can make with the instructions shown here. You can trick windows into thinking you have a monitor plugged in, when there's really nothing there. Hp Laserjet P2035 Driver Windows 10 64 Bit. I use this to view my second 'Monitor' on my android tablet using splashtop.

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