Paul Walker

Like we said it should work with Win10. Xerox Pe220 Driver Windows 10. But, if it doesnt support everything you'll have to find a better driver If you want the 8.1 drivers go there download them if the file is zipped unzip then run the setup file in it I contacted TP-Link (China) and determined that even though the driver states it is for Win 7 & Win 8.1 it also works for Win 10. In addition people still having problems with trying to get 5GHz to work should do the following: Select Control Panel / Devices / Network / Right click TP-Link Adapter / Properties / Advanced and ensure that Prefer 2.4G_5G is selected. Doing this solved my problem.

I would try power cycling your modem and router, and also go into device manager, right click on your network adapter and select, uninstall. Make sure the 'remove device driver' option is selected and click ok. Then go to the file menu at the top of device manager and select 'scan for hardware changes' from the Action category.

If necessary, if the drivers are not reinstalled automatically, you might need to reinstall the more recent drivers. I'd also make sure via the network adapter utility that you are connecting on the correct channel and band.

Region: UnitedStates Model: TL-WDN4800 Hardware Version: V1 Firmware Version: ISP: Cox Communications When will we be getting Windows 10 drivers for this model?

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