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SUPPORT FOR THE NEW WACOM CINTIQ PRO 16 The Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 (DTH-1620) has a 16', etched-glass screen to give you the perfect amount of space for painting and retouching jobs and the right amount of pen tip friction. Draw directly on the surface for a pen-on-screen connection to your work and watch your work progress directly beneath the pen.

Recently upgraded to Windows 10 from 7, and I'm having a great amount of difficulty getting my tablet to work properly with it. I had to install.

You can also use touch functionality to easily pan, zoom, or rotate your work with just a touch. Cmi8738 Windows 10 Driver more. The Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 has features to make your workflow easier, too. Assign functions that you use frequently to the On-Screen Controls and the optional ExpressKey Remote and use the Touch Keys as shortcuts to features. USE WACOM ECHO TO BACK UP YOUR FILES New for MobileStudio Pro (DTH-W1320 and DTH-W1620), you can set up Wacom Echo to automatically back up your drawings, notes, and any other files stored on your tablet.

• After you log in to your Wacom Account, select Wacom Echo from the Wacom Desktop Center to begin set up. • You have the option to store your backup files in the Wacom Cloud or save them to one of your own drives. • You can configure which folders you want backed up, how often you want you want your files backed up, and how long you want the backup files to be saved. Wacom Echo works automatically according to the settings you choose. Whenever you need to view or restore your files, you can access them by going to the Wacom Desktop Center and clicking Wacom Echo >Restore. What was affected? Here's what was fixed.

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