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I think that he was starting with a clean Win10 and clean Home. Almost sounds like a permissions issue with Win10, dhn. The path specified should be legit, but sounds like Win10 isn't willing to go there. I'd be considering a compatibility mode attempt to see if that works. I would run both the installer for Home and Home itself in compatibility mode to see if that resolves it. Acer Aspire 4743 Drivers Windows 10 here. After uninstalling Home with Revo per dhn's suggestion above and downloading a fresh copy of the Home installer. Right-click on the Home installer app and select Properties.

Tomtom Drivers Windows 10

Select the Compatibility tab, then check the box next to 'Run this program in compatibility mode for: To be safe, I'd select XP SP3 Hit Apply, then run the Home install app Do the same as above for Home itself once installed. Yes I have.I have 2 sd cards which I save my maps 1 for north Europe that's a 2 gb.this is now updated the second sd card is an 8 gb which I load all of Europe onto.Doing this for years no problems.

However now the 8 gb shows it needs to be updated by tomtom home but it wont update it.I get the message after trying to update after an age. Didn't update as stopped try again.I have not stopped home just left to update tried a couple of times the same answer.Do you think the 8 gb card is the problem.Thanks so far. A lot of that in the XP days was Microsoft's WHQL program, which could be a right booger to get through. Too often, it 86'd a perfectly good driver for spurious reasons, and there was a lot of back and forth required with Microsoft to clear those issues so that WHQL certification could be completed and a 'signed' driver provided to users. People were rightly concerned about unsigned drivers, and a lot of companies wouldn't release them on their own sites.

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