Oct 21, 2014 Hi guys. So I'm currently running win 10 as my daily driver. I'm pretty impressed. The only real problem I'm having is my USB to VGA adapter. Elan Touchpad Driver For Windows 10. Startech usb2vgae2.

Startech Usb2vgae2 Driver Windows 10

Wd Mybook Driver Windows 10 on this page. So I purchased this adapter to run a 3rd monitor off of my laptop for work. Pros: Easy set up - Cord is long enough for positioning the monitor where you want it - price Cons: The monitor that is hooked to this adapter does not function very well. The screen is choppy at times, there is a very noticeable lag. Wait time for tech support was about 1 1/2 hours When I drag a window to the monitor that is run by this adapter, there is not only lag but you can see the choppiness of the page.

It does not look very good at all, almost like looking at an older television from the late 70's. When I contacted their tech support ( after the looooooong wait ) they directed me to download the 'new' driver. This fixed absolutely nothing. I searched for answers to why it was this way and the truth is you get what you pay for. If you're looking to add another monitor with an adapter I recommend you spend about 20 bucks more and get a better one. I would not purchase this product again and I would not recommend anyone purchase this, just not worth it.

The USB2VGAE2 will NOT work for a Dell Duo running Windows 7, despite both Walmart and the Manufacturer listing 7 as an appropriate OS. I am NOT running Aero.

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