Scangear Driver Windows 10

Step 2: Unpack files Run the EXE you just downloaded. By default the EXE unpacks the contents of the EXE to your TEMP folder. Sharp Ar 203e Driver For Windows 10 here. TEMP FOLDER LOCATION on Windows 2000 through XP C: Documents and Settings NameofUser Local Settings Temp TEMP FOLDER LOCATION on Vista through Windows 7 C: Users NameofUser AppData Local Temp Step 3: Install Scangear Tool Launch the setup file located within the TEMP folder and go through the prompts to install the ScanGear Tool. Step 4 Once installed, you will need to launch the ScanGear Tool and input the IP address of the copier. Make sure it connects successfully by click the “Test Connection” button.

Step 5 Now you can Scan with the copier. For this example, I am going to be using the “Microsoft Office Document Scanning” tool provided within Microsoft Office. LOCATION OF MODS in XP, Vista, & Windows 7.

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