Support case No. On upgrading to Windows 10 found that tap to click function on Elan touchpad became unreliable, with many taps ignored.

Upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday on my Samsung Series 9 laptop and there appears to be an issue with the Elan touchpad. The touchpad works except for multi finger gestures, I'm unable to scroll, swipe etc. I attempted to install the Win 7 drivers from the Samsung site but it did not work.

Had worked fine in Windows 7. New driver provided via Windows Update in November has not resolved the issue.

Nvidia Geforce Gtx 550 Ti Driver Windows 10. Version dated. Changing sensitivity in advanced settings has some impact but does not resolve the issue completely.

Samsung USB Drivers

Suspect sub-optimal registry value is written on driver installation. Experimented with registry settings:- HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Elantech Smartpad Tap_T1_Time Default value 200 (decimal). Reducing this value makes the problem much worse. With default value 30% of taps are ignored. With a lower value 80% of taps ignored. Increasing the value above the default seems to make little difference. Hi David, From Samsung official website we can see that NP300E5A only has Windows XP and Windows 7 drivers, there is no driver for Windows 10 system, please note this type of laptop is kind of old, upgrade to system to the latest Windows 10 can lead to drive compatibility issue, I suggest to contact Samsung support for help or downgrade.

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