Realtek Stereo Mix Audio Driver Windows 10

I am testing on and posting from a Lenovo laptop that has an Analog Devices Soundmax soundcard. The initial install provided audio that worked OK for the basics of recording from the microphone and playing back though the speakers. The drivers in use were listed as 'Microsoft HD Audio', provided by Microsoft. Recording options were set to show disabled and disconnected devices. Recording options were Microphone or CD. Zp505 Driver Windows 10 there.

I then loaded in the Analog Devices drivers. With these, Recording Options were Microphone, CD or Stereo Mix. I have tested the Stereo Mix function and it works. This implies to me that Microsoft is providing a driver that deliberately hides this function where the audio device supports it. I believe (but would be delighted to be proved wrong) that this indicates that Microsoft has joined some manufacturers in bowing to the lobbying from music and video industries to remove this essential function. FWIW, I worked in the broadcasting industry and started having to install third party software to provide this function to reporters and producers working to record and edit programmes away from their bases.

It is a necessary function for many creative audio people, and if the hardware supports it, Microsoft's drivers should provide it. Nvidia Geforce 7600 Gt Driver Windows 10. Hi John, thanks for the reply. The laptop is a Lenovo X60 tablet convertible.

I appreciate it is old, but I need laptops that have firewire for use, and for testing with, external audio devices. On the first install of W10P, I found the Microsoft generic driver was installed, and the on-board sound worked fine for recording and playback, but 'Stereo Mix' was not available. The latest drivers on the Lenovo site were the Vista drivers for the Analog Devices audio. I installed these, the basic sound worked fine still and now I had 'Stereo Mix'. Interestingly, trying a similar procedure on a similar vintage Acer 5102 running 64-bit W10Preview, when trying to install Realtek Vista drivers, I just get a message that the driver only supports Vista. It would be good if the Microsoft generic audio driver could expose Stereo Mix, where the hardware supports it.

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