Comm Port Test

I am using a new W10 laptop, with newly-installed software for controlling a telescope. This requires a USB-Serial adapter, which I have used successfully with W7 on an earlier machine. Now I cannot configure the COM ports. I get the message 'Device (or COM Port) does not exist'. I have tried setting the COM port in Device Manager to all numbers from 1 to 15, but with the same results. All of the on-line 'help' skates vaguely round this problem but does not offer a definitive fix. Please, Microsoft, give us a simple fix for this problem.

This package supports the following driver models:Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port.

I have an Icom marine radio (I am certified for marine frequencies) and I'm trying to program 2M frequencies on the Land Mobile settings so I can talk on amateur radio and the marine band with the same radio when I'm on the water. That way I don't have to have two radios. Hp Deskjet 3050a J611 Series Driver Windows 10. So I bought the software - CS-M88 - and I have the correct cable to connect the radio to the computer, which is OPC-966U. Ever since I installed CS-M88 on my PC, I have gotten an error message from the program, which looks like this: So it was a driver problem. So I downloaded the drivers needed, which gave me the COM & LPT which was missing in Device Manager. I guess MS didn't think to include that with Windows 10. So because I downloaded the driver recommended here, Device Manager then looked like this: This was a problem, since CS-M88 only has 4 COMs.

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