Portable Device Driver For Windows 10

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Easy data access You can represent your CBFS Storage container as a virtual disk device, similar to the mounted network disks. This virtual disk can be accessed by any application much like a regular disk.

Access control Limit access to your data to only trusted applications, thus preventing unauthorized access to the data when the container is opened. This feature is available in the Windows version of CBFS Storage OS Edition. Radeon Hd 4850 Driver Windows 10 on this page.

Cross-platform support CBFS Storage offers a file system engine that can be embedded into applications on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS) as well as various custom hardware and software platforms. Easy data management Store your application data in a single container and simplify data backup and manipulation by exposing only one container file to the end-user. You can even keep the container in a custom place (in application resources or in the database) thus hiding it from the end-user completely. Strong data protection Improve security of your documents and data and prevent unauthorized access to them by applying industry-adopted data encryption mechanisms. Transparent strong encryption based on the 256-bit AES algorithm can be applied to a wide range of entities: from a single file stream to an entire file storage container.

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