Phase Phase is used to describe the two main types of alternating current (AC) electric power produced by a utility, generator or UPS system. Single-phase power includes a single AC waveform, making single-phase equipment ideal for lower power density applications with per-rack power consumption levels up to approximately 2.8kVA (120V), 5kVA (208V) or 7.4kVA (230V). Three-phase power includes 3 AC waveforms, making 3-phase equipment better suited for intermediate and high-capacity applications with per-rack power consumption levels that surpass the practical energy limits of single-phase equipment. PDU Type Basic PDUs All PDUs including Basic PDUs provide reliable rack-mount power distribution for data centers, server rooms, and network wiring closets. Metered PDUs Metered PDUs monitor load levels to avoid potential overloads via a LCD display. Monitored PDUs Monitored PDUs remotely monitor voltage, frequency, and load levels via a built-in network connection.

Pci Simple Communications Driver Windows 7 64

PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver Installer. Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 & 64bit, Windows 7 32 & 64bit, Windows 8 32 & 64bit. Driver Version. PCI simple communication controller, SM bus controller. Any idea where I can find these as I've already installed all the available drivers for Win 10 on the ASUS Site.

Switched PDUs Switched PDUs can securely control individual outlets remotely to enable the rebooting of unresponsive equipment to minimize downtime. Driver Diagnostic Tool Windows 10. Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) PDUs ATS PDUs provide redundant power to connected equipment with separate primary and secondary power sources. Nvidia Geforce Gtx 560 Driver Windows 10. Hot-Swap PDUs Hot-Swap PDUs have dual input power cables to enable live-replacement of select UPS systems with no power interruption to connected equipment.

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