I'm using Windows 10, a Dell XPS 13, and v1.4.1 of Android Studio. I have SDK Tools 24.4.1 installed as well as Google USB Driver 11. # On the phone I have USB debugging enabled and can see the device in File Explorer (i.e.

Documents, pictures, etc. Adb Driver Windows 10 X64 there. ). But the device never shows up using 'adb devices', nor in Android Studio.

Nexus 6p Usb Driver Windows 10

I've never had this much trouble getting an Android device debugging before, but I don't know if it's Marshmallow or the Nexus 6P that's to blame. More importantly, I've no idea what to do at this point to get it debugging. I'm dead in the water until this is resolved, so any help is most appreciated. I had this exact problem and solved it by downloading () and installing the Google USB Driver by hand. Before I did that, I tried installing it from the Android SDK Manager which did not work. The package installed without error but my Device Manager showed a failure for an ADB Interface device.

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