Well, here we go. Hype is winding down, and everyone is settling into their 'OMG NEW YES' or 'buggy as shit, man' positions. This is an honest encounter of the upgrade with no Bias. Dell Studio Xps 1640 Drivers Windows 10 there. I want to preface this by saying my motive to upgrade. Pci Simple Communications Controller Driver For Windows 10. The truth is, I learned that Netflix on Windows 7 (what I had) is only available through browsers, and even on internet explorer or Firefox, the quality was limited to 720p due to Silverlight.

I installed windows 10 and almost everything seems to work fine. Only my touchpad doesn't seem to react as smooth as i'm used to in windows 7.

Lenovo Z580 Touchpad Driver Windows 10

Maybe I hadn't updated to the newest IE, but I tested it and I got max 3000bps (FHD is 5800). So yes, this was fixed. I got a Netflix app in Windows 10, and I can get Super HD (1080p). Along with surround sound. So I am satisfied because that's my #1 excuse to be on my laptop. However, I really want to help windows and Apple (I have a 2010 MB pro too) and really like beta opportunities.

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