Iphone Driver Error In Windows 10

Hello Jamie92, welcome. The problem appears to be driver related. Here are the steps I would try first: 1. Boot the computer up into Windows without the iPhone plugged in 2.

ITunes Not Recognizing iPhone 7 on Windows 10. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find. The default standard driver in Windows 10 did not.

Click 'Start' 3. Click 'Control Panel' 4. Click 'Add & Remove Programs' 5.

Find Apple Mobile Device Support and uninstall it 6. Find iTunes and QuickTime and uninstall them both as well 7. Do not restart the computer after the uninstall process 8. Kindle Usb Driver Windows 10. Click 'Start' 9.

Click 'Run' 10. Type 'msconfig' (without quotes) and press enter 11. Go to the 'Startup' tab 12.

Uncheck any entries that have the words 'iTunes, Apple, Mobile Device, or QuickTime' in them 13. Click 'Apply' at the bottom right 14. Restart the computer 15. Go to the Apple website and download the latest version of iTunes, which should be 9.x 16.

Once downloaded, run the installer and after the application is installed, restart the computer 17. Once restarted, open iTunes, follow the setup process, and then plug in your iPhone Let us know if this helps, Thanks! Ryan Thieman Microsoft Answers Support Engineer Visit our and let us know what you think.

Whenever you plug your iPhone to your Windows computer, and, then you know something is wrong. Upon further exploration, we figured out many iPhone users are complaining that the error “Driver Not Installed” message appears while troubleshooting this problem. During the troubleshooting process, you will also get “Access Denied” message. So how do you fix this problem? Note #1: Depending on your Windows operating system, you may also get the message “Device driver software was not successfully installed” when you update drivers for either Windows 7 or Windows 8. Canon Scanner Wia Driver Windows 10. Note #2: Uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes may or may not work. From our test, it didn’t help in fixing the driver issue.

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