Intel Soc Driver Windows 10

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When will Windows 10 be supported on all of the tablets/2in1s/convertibles that run on processors like the atom z2760? Microsoft and Intel heavily promoted these products and now appear to be abandoning them to force customers to buy a new computer. Without the updated drivers windows 10 will either stop you from installing (good), or in my case report that everything is compatible and install which leads to a very unstable system and lots of issues. Intel support has stated both that they are working on a driver and that they will not support windows 10. I really regret that 2 years ago I have spend almost $1000 on brand new Asus hybrid with new Ms (Windows 8) system and first Intel SoC with passive cooling system. You all (corporations) liked me and my cash back than. Hp Probook 4530s Fingerprint Driver Windows 10. Now a simple thing - IGMA 3600 driver stops me from having Windows 10 on Atom Z2760 device.

Intel does not support Windows 10 on atom. Without the updated drivers windows 10 will either stop you. (Windows 8) system and first Intel SoC with passive. I'm about to upgrade my T100TA to Windows 10, unfortunately, I didn't found a SOC driver package on the Asus support site for Windows 10. Download the latest drivers for your Intel BayTrail Platform. Processor N- and J-series SoC Transaction Router - 0F00: Driver. Intel: Supported OS: Windows 10.

You can bet that I will run to the shop to get new device!!!! Ms.considering that for quite some time z2760 was THE ONLY SoC in Intel based hybrids and tablets. How many such devices were sold worldwide? We were all W8 and W8.1 enthusiasts! Other way we would buy an iPad or Android based device.

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