Intel Play Qx3 Microscope Driver Windows 10

There is some good news. The unit works with Linux. I fired up an Ubuntu Live CD and verified that it works. Unfortunately I can't use a Hyper-V VM and Ubuntu because USB passthrough only works with Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 guest operating systems.:/ So that sucks. I'll try to get it working in Windows instead. How hard could it be to write a USB device driver? It's simple Algebra.

Negative - I haven't programmed in C since puberty. Negative - I've never written a Windows driver before. Remove Printer Drivers Windows 10. Negative x Negative = I'm POSITIVE I can do this. This is the perfect combination of hubris and obsession for this to be an awesome project. So I got the chip specifications and developer's guide from this page: Ironically, that is where the Linux developers parked their stuff when they wrote this driver for Linux.

Next up I read the developer documentation on the slashdot site and started slogging through the writing a driver documentation on MSDN. I also grabbed a copy of '. That's a link to Amazon, but I actually read it on Safari. It's a little light bedtime reading.

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