Htc Vive Drivers Windows 10

VR Application such as Virtual Desktop doesn't work with Windows 7 due to technical reasons (something with capturing the desktop with low latency I believe). So if you plan to use that, you will have to upgrade. Windows 10 have some really nice benefits over Windows 7 as well, one that I like a lot is virtual desktops. Mostly because I use Linux a lot and when I do use Windows it's nice to have a similar feature that increased productivity. Update Ram Drivers Windows 10 more.

VIVE Pro Headset. Install HTC Sync Manager first in order to get the proper drivers. If you do not have HTC Sync Manager. Save the HTC 10™ ROM update. Download the latest drivers for your My HTC to keep your Computer up-to-date.

Sooner or later you will need to upgrade, so why not just do it now? Originally posted by slick_rick3715:I've resisted upgrading to win 10; no really strong aversion to it.I just know win 7 so well and feel comfortable knowing where to find what I need. But I wonder if VR programs would benefit more from win 10 (i.e., direct X 12). Anyone have any insight? Windows 10 actually works really well and I'd definitely recommend upgrading now for both VR and DX12, although, I personally hoping to see more games building on Vulkin vs DX12.

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