I've an HP MicroServer Gen8 and I'm very happy with. You may also want to post your question on the HP Enterprise Business Community Support Forum -- Proliant Servers section. Xerox Documate 3220 Windows 10 Driver more. HP PCs - Computer Is Slow (Windows 10).

Hi all, I'm not sure If I post this message in correct topic of this forum, if not, I'm sorry. I've an HP MicroServer Gen8 and I'm very happy with. But for security reasons I want to mirrored the two drives to RAID1. It's for me along time ago to configuring RAID and I forget things quickly.

I use this server for private and office use. Wudfrd Driver Windows 10. I have two hard drive froms 500GB (I bought a new second disk). I saw that the HP Dynamic Smart Array was not enabled in the first boot sequence when I start the server. So I go to BIOS for setup.

Hp Proliant Microserver Drivers Windows 10

Hi folks people using this server and want up to date audio and graphics (enable audio in BIOS first in setup) can get W10 drivers from This Microserver unlike the gen 8 uses an AMD CPU with actually a very decent graphics set -- 3 X 4K capable outputs 2X Display port and 1 X VGA. Sound (Audio) works fine when you install the video driver --even if using a Display port -->HDMI adapter. It's a bit of a pain to get this server to install UEFI boot for windows but it DOES work -- MBR /legacy boot is a breeze so you can run Linux etc on it without problems --and 32GB RAM is max compared with Gen 8 (16GB). The AMD processor Is fine (have the 4 core version) Opteron X4321 --although I probably given a free choice would have gone with one of the XEON's -- but no complaints on speed, graphics and nr of VM's I can run on the server -- very quiet and can be stacked on top of a GEN 8 Microserver. Cheers jimbo.

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