Hello there, I am currently using HP Envy 23 m210a AIO touchscreen Beats Edition and have just recently upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit. This PC has a secondary 3.5mm jack to support an external subwoofer so therefore i bought the HP Pulse subwoofer to compliment it. However, no bass or sound was produced by the sub and I've updated the latest audio driver which is the IDT (filename: SP71717. Dell 2405fpw Driver Windows 10. exe) from their website and it has not solved any problem BUT causes no sound at all and so it forces me to roll the audio driver back to 'High Definition Audio Device' (sound produces on the frontal speakers but still nothing from the subwoofer). I've done many research on the internet for a solution and none has been found including the HP support site itself who're not helpful. I'm hoping if Microsoft or anyone could do something bout this driver issue as I've discovered that in the HP driver download site, there is no compatible audio driver for this PC and for Windows 10.

Dell Venue 11 Pro Windows 10 Drivers. It's August 2016 and i believe something should've been done already. Well any help to solve this subwoofer issue is much appreciated and thanks in advance. Hello Azaruddin, Thank you for your prompt reply. I have done the above suggestions but the subwoofer is still not working. Result is the same where sound only comes from the built-in frontal speakers but nothing from the subwoofer.

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I think that's because Windows 10 does not recognise the secondary jack which is specially made by HP to utilise the subwoofer. And again, i tried connecting the subwoofer to the headphone jack, the subwoofer works perfectly fine but of course its just bass and no sound from the frontal speaker because that jack is meant for headphone use. Based on online research of this same issue, everyone else is still having the same problem, but only those who roll back to Windows 8.1 will have no issue. However I wish not to downgrade to an older Windows so I hope Microsoft can help solve this driver issue. Please continue to advise.

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