How To Reinstall Headphone Drivers Windows 10

I get that every time I forget to install new Nvidia drivers and omit the HDMI part of it. Goto your sound icon on bottom of toolbar, right click select playback devices right click NVidia hdhi and disable it and select your headphone and set them as default, should solve your issue. I omit NVidia hdmi driver because each update takes over the configuration of my system, a real pain (do not use quick install but custom) Please see the screenshot.The headphones are not showing up in the 'Playback Devices' list.How can I enable them? Right click and select show disabled. Anything show? Prolific Usb To Serial Comm Port Driver For Windows 10 here.

If not goto device manager, and right click on sound card and uninstall,(disconnect headphones from sound card then reboot computer) check sound card status again. Then reconnect headphone in place do they show now? I don't have a specific sound card. Moreover, I took out the 1050ti and reinstalled my previous graphics card (8600 gt).It didn't work.

I installed windows 8.1 again, nothing happened to audio. I installed legacy drivers as some website suggested, and installed the older graphics drivers for my old card. The sound started working, the headphones and front speaker both worked, I checked. Then I took out the old card and reinstalled the new 1050ti and the audio was gone again. Please note I am using a VGA-to-HDMI active converter as my LCD only has VGA. I installed the new Gameready drivers and the realtek drivers, the audio sign came back but it is projecting audio out of the HDMI, and the speaker or headphone is not showing up in 'Playback Devices'.

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