Feb 12, 2018 Hello. I am trying to setup a Megatronics V3 board for a 3d printer. The local shop support suggested me to download and install the drivers in this.

Hardware hackers and security researchers are furious at chip maker FTDI for issuing a silent update that bricks cloned FTDI FT232 [USB to UART] chips. FTDI used a recent Windows update to deliver the driver update to brick all cloned FTDI FT232s. On October 24 Fred Dart, CEO of FTDI over its decision to brick cloned chips, as well as having deleted. The company referred to the issue as a 'driver problem. Samsung Windows 10 Usb Driver on this page. ' The post addressed what FTDI singled out as its 'genuine customers' -- maintaining its stance that all users of FTDI chips affected by its actions are knowingly using fakes. Dart said he acknowledged that silently bricking the chips of its users 'caused concern amongst our genuine customer base' and that FTDI did not wish to cause distress 'to them' -- yet the post holds no apology for FTDI's actions.

Ft232 Driver Windows 10

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