Epson V300 Driver Windows 10

I'm having a very weird problem trying to use my Epson Perfection V300 scanner with Windows 10 (and previously with Windows 8.1). Epson has a available, so I downloaded it. When I run it, strange things happen. I double-click on the file and the self-extractor confirms that it's an Epson driver file: However, what it extracts is something completely different: If I click on install, it in fact installs the Yammer notifier. This happened both with Win8.1 and Win10. I've wound up installing it and removing it multiple times, just to see if anything would change.

(Crazy, I know.) I'm using a Surface Pro 3, which doesn't have an internal CD drive, which adds another layer of complication. I have an LG SuperMulti BLADE portable DVD drive, and before I upgraded the Surface to Win10 I was able to use that to install the scanner driver from the original disk. Once I upgraded to Win10, the Epson disk won't work anymore. I can use the drive to watch a DVD, but when I try to use it to install the scanner from a CD, it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting and the installation fails. I did try using the Scan utility that comes with Windows. The scan quality wasn't as good as the Epson utility. Ugee 2150 Driver Windows 10. And then it quit working - it no longer recognizes that there's a scanner connected.

Has anyone else out there had either problem? And do you have a clue how to fix it? So here's an even weirder thing: when I realized that the WinZip extractor started out recognizing the file as an Epson driver before the Yammer notifier installer popped up, I tried using 7Zip instead of WinZip.

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