Elan Smart Pad Windows 10 Driver

Been reading here and using win 10 from the outset. On latest build, updated this morning. This Elan touchpad driver keeps coming in through windows update and it just screws up my touchpad more than anything. When it loads up I can no longer use right or left click functions on the touchpad. I can find no way to stop the update. Is there any method for stopping a particular windows update from loading?

Canon Ip4600 Driver Windows 10 on this page. I keep uninstalling it but it comes back all the time. I am on an Asus G750J laptop.

Thanks for any help. Hopefully there is a simple fix that just eludes me.

Whatever windows application you're using the errors apparently appear to be the very same. If Elan Smart Pad Driver Windows 10 happens.

First of all, I registered here just to try to help you guys out. I actually don't have any other interest in this forum, so I'm going to try to get my account deleted after this. I encountered the same problem today and it really does drive one crazy. It's horrible.

Windows automatically installs a new driver for the touchpad (new, horrible driver is ELAN touchpad driver [good old one is ASUS smart gesture]). It simply won't let you use the ASUS one. It even installs if you have set windows NOT to install drivers. The good thing is that Microsoft actually HAS released a tool to stop unwanted updates from installing. You can have a look here: You can download the tool from Microsoft here: I haven't had the chance to try it out myself since I'm writing this just before going to sleep (couldn't let you guys hanging =P), but I really really really really really hope it works.

Greetings and good luck from Denmark! PS.: If you have to do some uninstalling/reinstalling with the ASUS driver please take care and make sure to completely uninstall it and reboot the computer before you try to reinstall it. I just experienced what happens if you mess this up a few days ago. This problem is annoying, and the best thing to do is make sure all your drivers are up to speed, roll back the driver for the elan touchpad, and then use this procedure: It worked for me, 1. Right click on the windows flag in the lower left hand corner of your desktop 2.

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