Drivers For Asus Laptop Windows 10

After Windows 10 upgrade/update, if the inbuilt webcam isn’t recognized on your ASUS notebook, the cause most probably is the webcam driver. In, you may see a yellow mark next to USB2.0 webcam device. Here you will learn how to fix this driver issue.

Uninstall and reinstall the driver Follow these steps. Go to Device Manager. Expand category “ Imaging Devices ” and right-click on the device. (Sometimes the problematic device may be listed under Other devices. Saitek R440 Drivers Windows 10. ) 3. Select Uninstall on the context menu.

Windows might prompt you to confirm the uninstallation. Check the box next to “Delete the driver software for this device.” then click “ OK ” button. Restart the computer then Windows will reinstall the driver automatically. Download and install the driver via ASUS support site If Windows fails to reinstall the generic driver, you can go to ASUS website to download the latest driver. Before you get started, please make sure that you know the laptop model and the specific system (Windows 10 32-bit or Windows 10 64-bit).

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