Dolby Drivers Windows 7

After upgrading to Windows 10 I was getting an error on loading Windows media player which indicated that: The current Dolby audio driver version is 7.2.8000. Hp Photosmart 7450 Driver Windows 10. 17 and.

I experienced the same issue after downloading and installing new drivers from Lenovo. I have an E530 i7. Brand new - I had a problem with buzzing audio. Called tech support and they advised to download and install drivers - DOC ID DS028630. Followed instructions. A few seconds after windows loaded I got a pop up window saying an audio app had stopped responding then the error saying The current Dolby audio driver version is 7.2.8000.13 and the software application expects driver version 7.2.7000.11.

Please install a valid driver and software application combination. I did screen shot the errors - But sorry I can't provide exact details on the error msgs as it has gone back for repair due to the buzzing - which wasn't fixed by the drivers.

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