DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader Drivers Download. This update should be applied to all Windows systems that employ U.are.U 4500 rev 102 readers. Elan Smart Pad Windows 10 Driver.

Driver Windows 7 Ultimate

Welcome to the HP Community Forum. The following is entirely speculation; you did not provide your specific. Although was kind enough to quote one of my Posts for you and give you some basic information you might have guessed by now that there may be some lingering issues. If your system is actually old enough to have been using the original Digital Persona program, it is also an older system featuring the fingerprint hardware that uses a much older Driver (software program) to connect that fingerprint hardware to the Digital Persona program. Issues: • Digital Persona was not written to run on any Operating System beyond Windows 7 -- in short: the Digital Persona program will probably not run on Windows 10 • The Driver required to run the fingerprint reader hardware on the computer is not compatible with the new HP SimplePass programs that run on the new Windows Operating System versions, including Windows 10 • If you never Exported your Webcards (website passwords), you are probably too late to do that now -- unless you want to 'go back' to your previous OS and start over. You cannot use the DP Export for other programs -- but if you do not know your Website passwords, you could at least write down those passwords for future reference. Possible solutions: ========================================================================== Option 1 If you are prepared to experiment, you might be able to at least get Windows 10 to accept the old Driver software for the purpose of using the Native Windows Fingerprint logon.

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