Dell Precision M4600 Drivers Windows 10

I have installed the upgrade twice. After the first time I installed and it looked successful I started having no keyboard response randomly.

The edge browser or what ever program I was in would just hang. Control-alt-del would not do anything and I could not shutdown. Had to physically power off.

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I rolled back back the install to win 7 pro which worked great. Retried the install a second time and completed all updates with the same result. I was using a win 10 64bit usb created by the Microsoft utility.

Again - the same hang up issues after install. Both times after the installation when the next option came up the mouse or keyboard would not respond and I had to power cycle the computer. After that I was able to hit next to finish the install. I rolled back to 7 again. 7 worked great. Then after posting the upgrade dl as part of the upgrade program so I tried the install again.

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