I'm an old-school computer builder - as in the first computer I built came in a bag and required a soldering iron. Install Printer Driver Without Printer Windows 10. As such, I admire optimization and positively loathe bloatware (such as Windows Vista) and decided that the 'ultimate test' I could perform (to see if WIn10 was anywhere near so lean as XP) was to try it out on my old Dell Mini 10 - jokingly named '10 for 10'. System Specs ~ Single core with Hyper-Threading ~ 1.6 GHz CPU clock ~ 533 MHz FSB 1 GB RAM 1024x600 display (non-original) I came into this fully expecting to loathe Windows 10 and, thus far, it's beginning to grow on me - I'm amazed at how smoothly 10 runs on this tiny little netbook (shipped with XP). CPU utilization averages 9%, peaking to around 50% when performing basic desktop tasks. A tad sluggish in places but, given that this is a 5yo netbook, the overall performance is still remarkable. The claim that 'Windows 10 runs on anything' is, thus far, holding true.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 1012 Specs

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