I recently downloaded Ubuntu from the main website with the hopes of dual booting it with Windows. While the operating system works, it says that I need to install a driver for my graphics card. When I type in my password the installation fails. I figure it is because I need Internet access. I tried to install my WiFi USB adapter with the installation disc but Ubuntu doesn't seem to run the setup when I click the exe. What are my available solutions as I would really like to use Ubuntu from my programming and Windows for my gaming needs? Nvidia Geforce 7150m Drivers Windows 10 here. The name as read on the box is: Linksys AE1200 Wireless- N USB Adapter The description reads as such: ID 13b1:0039 Linksys (a comma messed up format) ID 046d:0a0b Logitech, Inc.

Cisco Usb Wifi Adapter Driver Windows 10

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