Check Driver Status Windows 10

Learn how to easily find a driver's version number in Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 without using third-party tools. This tutorial explains how to check disk drives for errors in Windows 10. You can use Disk Check utility to check drives for errors & fix them if found.

RECOMMENDED: Keeping your PC drivers up-to-date not only helps improve the performance but also helps you avoid stability issues and run PC a little more smoothly. It’s because of these reasons, experts advise PC users whenever a newer version is available. When it comes to updating device drivers, Windows users a couple of options to choose from. How To Install New Audio Drivers Windows 10.

One can either use software out there to automatically check for outdated drives and update them, manually download and install the latest version, or use the that sometimes helps you update device drivers that are available via Windows Update. Even though, there are plenty of free tools out there to, the catch is that most of the free tools that claim to update outdated drivers don’t exactly update drivers. Most of them help you check for outdated drivers only and then ask to upgrade to the paid version of the software to download and install latest drivers. The best way is to manually check your hardware manufacturer’s website for updates and download if updates are available. Even though manually downloading and updating all installed drivers is a tedious job, you can use this method to update one or two device drivers, especially if you don’t like to install a third-party software to update one or two drivers. Determine the version number of a currently installed driver Before visiting manufacturer’s website, you must know the version number of currently installed driver to avoid downloading the same version again. Since not all installed drivers appear in Programs and Features, checking the version of an installed driver is not a straight-forward job for novice users.

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