Block Driver Update Windows 10

Microsoft changed its policy when it comes to the way we receive Windows and driver updates in Windows 10. They are now all automatically downloaded and installed on our systems, and there's little we can do to prevent that. However, Microsoft also released a small tool that we can use to block updates from being installed. It's not a solution to completely block all the updates you'll receive in the future, but it can prove quite useful when one update package causes problems you want to avoid. Display Driver Issues Windows 10. If you want to find out where to get this tool and how to use it to block unwanted updated for Windows 10, read this article. Why Would You Want An Updates Blocking Tool In Windows 10? As we mentioned before, Windows 10 doesn't let you control if and what updates will get downloaded and installed on your device.

This approach has both advantages and disadvantages: • Microsoft is making sure that most of the Windows 10 devices out there are running the latest version of their operating system. In perfect conditions, this means most of us will receive better security and the latest features developed by Microsoft.

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• If a Windows or driver update should prove to be faulty and cause issues or crashes on a device, there's not much you can do, and knowing that the problem was created by Windows 10's updates will only make you more angry. Considering the diversity and the sheer number of Windows 10 devices, the second scenario is likely to happen to more than just a few users. That's why, it's a very good idea to have a tool for blocking the reinstallation of Windows or driver updates in Windows 10. Where To Get The 'Show Or Hide Updates' Tool The Windows & drivers updates blocking tool from Microsoft is named 'Show or hide updates' and it is distributed as troubleshooting application. You can find the official support page and download link here:.

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