Asus Synaptics Touchpad Driver

Windows 10 on asus x44h touchpad scolling not working. (Synaptics Touchpad driver) 145.15. Then upgraded to Windows 10 and ASUS smart gesture touch touchpad.

Ricoh Aficio Drivers Windows 10. Page Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • Some of the problems that most of the users might be facing after upgrading to the new version of Windows 10 is “A sus smart gesture download Windows 10 stopped working” or “Asus Smart Gesture Can’t Install. The users reported that after installing the Anniversary Update, their customised Asus smart gesture touchpad driver features were disabled. According to Sources, during this issue, all the settings are disabled automatically and when the user tries to enable them, all the settings are simply disabled again by the operating system. Windows operating systems automatically detect, download and install a specific generic driver enables users to benefit from basic touch functions. Despite the fact that touchpoint technology is connected to laptops or laptops. When you update your computer to new Windows 10 OS, some of your device drivers may not be working properly and thus you need to reinstall all the outdated or old drivers again.

To check if you can use the default touchpad gestures of Windows 10 without the Asus Smart Gesture, uninstall the Asus Smart Gesture. Restart PC after removing Asus Smart Gesture Driver and check if you are able to use your touchpad or not. You can also contract ASUS. What this Guide Contains?

• How to Fix Asus Smart Gesture Not Working error • How to Fix Asus Smart Gesture Can’t Install error and • How to change the scroll direction on a touchpad What is Asus smart gesture driver? Asus Smart Gesture driver is a small utility application in Windows 10. Now what this utility does is that it controls the touchpad features which also includes smart gestures.

Unfortunately, by default, it is not included in the Windows 10’s installer. But don’t worry this guide about “Asus Smart gesture windows 10 download” will teach you how to install the Asus touchpad driver for Windows 10. Methods to Fix Asus Smart Gesture Not Working in Windows 10 There are 3 solutions to Fix this issue. So Follow them carefully to get rid of your problem. Solution 1: Reset the Asus Smart Gesture Settings You can easily solve your problem by restoring the Asus touchpad driver settings to default. To do that, follow the below mentioned Steps: Step 1: Go to Search bar and open control panel. Step 2: Now open Programs and feature and search for Asus Smart Gesture. Canon Mf4700 Scanner Driver Windows 10 there.

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