Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Windows 10 Driver

I have the apple bluetooth keyboard and i dint bother with the apple drivers. Hp Photosmart 3210 Windows 10 Driver. Some people reported it changing the name of their boot drive to 'BOOTCAMP'.

You can use an Apple keyboard or a keyboard designed for Microsoft Windows with your Mac. Some keys on your keyboard might work differently between OS X.

The main reason why I didn't use it was because it wont let you remap the 'windows' key. I used a program called sharpkeys. It edits the registry but you can change where the windows key is and you can also map the volume keys. I also mapped F6 as a delete key so I have control-alt-delete. The UI looks old but it works flawlessly. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link but I downloaded it from

Have the same issue with wired Apple MB110 keyboard and Windows 10 PC: everything working in basic mode, but no media keys (no matter if 'Fn' key is pressed or not). Tried to install bootcamp drivers – nothing changed. SharpKeys does not see difference if, say, F10 key pressed alone or with Fn – shows the same key code. Meanwhile in macOS the same keyboard works just fine - so it's not a hardware issue (I mean, Fn key is not broken). Is there a way to make it work or, at least, to have SharpKeys/Autohotkey shortcuts with Fn key?

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