Alfa Antenna Driver For Windows 10

Download the latest ALFA 802. Restart Audio Driver Windows 10. 11b/g/n Wireless USB Adapter AWUS036NH device drivers (Official and Certified). ALFA 802.11b/g. Guide Windows 10.

I have KALI running in VMware Workstation on a Windows 10 host. I purchased a new ALFA AWUS036NH. I downloaded the Windows 10 driver from the ALFA (Rokland) website and can use the ALFA to access wifi AP's. So it is working properly.

In terminal 'ifconfig' gives me eth0 and lo. (See jpeg below) airmon-ng gives me nothing.

I thought ALFA AWUS036NH was capable of going into monitor mode (and injection mode). Under 'removable devices' KALI shows 'ralink 802.11 n wlan'. I also see 'network adapter: bridged (automatic)' in KALI.

What should I do? Your problems are twofold: 1) Vmware is not linux but an emulator 2) Windows 10 Let me expand a little. That hardware does work natively on Kali linux, see this post: So what you have found is a problem with vmware, ifconfig is the standard linux shell command for displaying network interfaces; because there is no wireless adapter is not going to work. Nvidia Quadro K2000m Driver Windows 10.

You can ask on the vmware forum: [published]~objecttype~objecttype[thread] Failing that you can attempt to install kali linux natively, Then your problem becomes windows10. Your laptop will have an UEFI BIos so you have to disable secure boot. However I have seen windows laptops configured with Intel MBR schemes with all 4 primary partitions used a s backup.

This then becomes a tedious installation as you then have to decide whether to repartition or try and add a second hard drive or boot from flash drive (if the UEFI Bios will let you). The alternate is to try and run airmon from windows, but TSF will not give you help with these tools as its against TSF policy. Sorry but this is probably not want you want to here.

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